Welcome to ISIS Consulting web site!

Well, yes: we must confess it!
We are the nth firm which offers EDP services in Italy: how terribly boring, isn't it?

As a matter of fact you have stumbled on the web site of a group of (raving mad!) creatives who operate from Verona, in the 'magic' (elfs? unicorns? who has ever seen any of them?) north-east of Italy and we get bored to death if You don't  suggest any stimulating projects to us putting into action and testing our capacities as programmers, web-designers, graphic-artists, photo artists, musicians but above all our unlimited imagination (God help you!).

We usually manage to survive our own lively brainstormings and the results of our work always provide complete satisfaction, to ourselves and to our Customer, despite bandages and plasters.... (for us, not for the Customer!).

Find out what we can do for You visiting this site:
and thank You for coming here.

If you are really asking yourselves whethere we are
human, alien, robot-like, raving mad or what,
we'd say that what describes us best is "or what"!

Be tolerant...

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